Cyberbullying Alumni Panel

I think a great event for a school library to host would be an alumni panel where several alums in their late teens and twenties came back to their high school to discuss how cyberbullying affected them in high school and how they handled it, and how cyberbullying may still be affecting them at college or in their career.  It would be particularly effective to have some people who were victims of cyberbullying and went on to take a stance against it (or bullying or hate crimes in general) to talk to the kids, but also someone who cyberbullied and had to face the consequences, whether they be loosing a good friend, being suspended, or even resulted in legal consequences.  This panel could also lend itself to a discussion of how teens should be careful what information they post online (I have several friends who have be fired because of confidential information they posted on Facebook, and I know these are not isolated events), and what the consequences can be, such as losing out on important interview or being terminated from your job.  I think this panel could also be replicated at the middle school level with high-school aged alums – I feel that kids are more likely to listen to students a few year older than them and look up to them more than many adults.


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  1. Marilyn Arnone

    I love the idea of replicating this idea for the middle school level with high school alums as panel members. Getting the high school alums who can share personal experience that speaks to the issues may be a challenge but definitely would make an impression on their younger counterparts.

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